Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Clinical Trials - Shift from Paper based to Software Systems

Clinical trials industry, shifts from paper work to software applications is the latest scenario one can notice with regard to the changes in the point of view of Clinical data management across the globe. Lets proceed with the business requirements and processing the clinical data in the latest clinical trials.

Clinical trials that have been concentrated over the earlier traditional model of paper based data management of the clinical research migrated to new approach of data management by opting software systems for its data management and all trial related processes wherein Electronic data capture, remote data entry are some of the examples.

Businesses in the present market that are in relation to clinical research are concentrating over several innovative implementations in order to reduce cost and time in lined with quality in place. New and advanced technologies came into implementation so as to manage the data of the trial.

As known, in general, earlier methods of data management in the process of clinical trials involved the manual processing towards the accumulation of the entire case report form, generating input screens and implementation of data entry methods that can be either single or double inlined with the maintainable data quality.

All these processes require the involvement of large human resources for data entry, data validation, data management, quality management where more capital is also required. In a more clear terms one can imagine these as the situations that led to a shift for software based processes.

The shift from the paper based approach to paperless clinical research with web enabled clinical data management, led to minimize the cost and time of the trial process and also further made it ease in managing the trial data.It ensured the sponsors across the globe for maintaining efficient, consistent data along with quality in place by using software systems like electronic data capturing at sites.

Clinical Research Organizations and pharmaceutical enterprises are moving confidently into various aspects of data management of the clinical study with the success of IT industry in managing data for pharmaceutical domain. Lets explore more in these areas in the later articles from our experts desk..

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